About Puma Bitumen

Puma Bitumen specialises in the development, production and supply of bituminous binders for the Australian road maintenance and construction industry.

We work closely with our customers and industry experts to create products that perform under some of the most diverse and demanding road conditions throughout Australia. This is attributable to a combination of our unique product technology, comprehensive quality assurance programs, operational efficiency and sophisticated production processes, all supported by our highly skilled and experienced staff.

All of this results in significant benefits for you – longer lasting roads and more efficient use of your limited funds.

Every time you specify a Puma Bitumen product you can be assured you have the technical support, industry experience and proprietary product technology provided by Puma Bitumen.

That’s why you can confidently turn to Puma Bitumen for better-performing roads.

We go further to give you better-performing roads


We don’t just manage the quality performance of our products – we back them up with the right people, with the right skills and experience, who understand your business needs. Our staff are seasoned professionals who have extensive experience in the road industry, covering all aspects of working with bituminous products – from the assessment and selection of import sources, production, testing and quality control through to logistics, product application and support.


The Puma Bitumen Technical Centre focuses on research and development – from the assessment and selection of bitumen sources through to the performance of asphalt and sprayed seals. Our skilled team of industry-recognised development technologists understands what is important to you – product technology that is robust, cost-effective and fit for purpose.


We don’t simply rely on our accreditation to AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems to demonstrate our commitment to quality. We go beyond this by maintaining a dedicated Product Steward to ensure our products comply to your specifications, are fit for purpose, are safe to use and don’t harm the environment.


Nothing is left to chance in our production plants. We maintain computer-controlled blending facilities that ensure consistent quality – products that comply first time, every time. Even down to the simple things, like sampling from stirred tanks to ensure fully representative samples, our highly skilled production team deliver to you an assurance that our products will work to your requirements.