Bitumen Burns Card

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Bitumen burns do not occur very often – however, when they do, they can present a significant risk due to the high temperature of the bitumen and its thick, sticky nature.

Many people in the industry are still unsure about how to respond if there’s an accident involving a bitumen burn and even some medical professionals are unaware of the appropriate treatment procedures.

In a move to increase awareness, education and health & safety across the bitumen industry, the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) – along with endorsement by the Australia and New Zealand Burn Association – has released a Bitumen Burns Card that outlines a quick and safe response to bitumen burns. The cards are intended to be displayed in a prominent location and placed in all vehicles used at work sites.

The Bitumen Burns Card features First Aid Response instructions and advice for medical practitioners.

First aid instructions


  • PROTECT YOURSELF and others from harm.
  • COOL THE BURNT AREA with cold water for a minimum of 20 minutes. DO NOT USE ICE


  • EYE BURNS – flush with water, same as above.
  • DO NOT REMOVE CLOTHING STUCK TO BITUMEN. This may cause further injury.
  • REMOVE BELTS & RINGS and any other constrictions if you can without further damage.


  • COVER any exposed burns (those not covered with bitumen) with clean non-stick burns dressings.
  • Do not wrap dressing too tightly.
  • MAINTAIN BODY HEAT and treat for shock.
  • DO NOT attempt to clean the affected areas.
  • DO NOT apply lotions or ointments.
  • DO NOT dress areas covered with bitumen
  • DO NOT let blankets touch burns or bitumen.
  • DO NOT give ANYTHING by mouth until cleared to do so by medical personnel.


  • CALL for an Ambulance immediately by dialling 000 and advise a “Bitumen Burn”.
  • ATTACH the Bitumen Burns Card to the casualty.
  • Courtesy of AAPA

The Bitumen Burns Card comes with two wallet-sized personal First Aid cards. For more details, visit the AAPA website
or contact AAPA on (03) 9853 3595.